“Godchaserz The Documentary will take viewers into the world of Christian rap as lived out by members of a scrappy, underrated independent music label who never abandoned their stated mission to share the gospel of Jesus to and through hip hop culture.”



GodChaserz The Documentary: A portrait of pursuing our Creator through hip hop.

This documentary provides viewers with a first-hand account of what it looks like to run an independent record label focused on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through hip hop. Interviews with artists, journalists, church leaders, and genre gate keepers will enlighten audiences about this unique, black-owned entertainment company geared to encourage and entertain.


Brinson is an award winning Christian hip-hop artist from Jacksonville, Florida. He has dedicated his ministry to serving families and hip-hop fans through his music and unashamed love for God. He is an ordained minister and has studied music business at Belmont University in Nashville. When his passions and gifts are used together, he creates music that edifies and reaches those who would otherwise be unreachable. He is the founder of GodChaserz Entertainment (GCE) and has facilitated more than 20 Christ-centered hip-hop albums. He has traveled the globe spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Brinson's music has been seen and heard on ESPN, NPR, BET, MTV, New York's HOT97, TBN and he is the host of the GodChaserz Podcast.

Will Thomas, an award winning director, editor, and cinematographer based in Atlanta Georgia, has single-handedly transformed the Christian Hip-hop music video landscape. His music videos have been streamed over 150+ million times worldwide, which does not include other various media platforms, winning him numerous "Music Video of the Year" awards. The innovative Hip-hop visual album/short film, "Southern Lights: Overexposed" was well received and garnered critical acclaim. A Stellar Award nominee in 2016, Will Thomas's client list includes the NFL, Sony, Billboard.com, ESPN, RCA Records, Capitol Records, MTV, Vibe.com, and BET. His work has taken him to multiple metropolitan cities in North America and several countries abroad.


“Powerful, young men of God who are running towards Christ with passion and fever. They are reaching into the world and across the globe pouring earnestly into hearts and souls. What message are they sharing? Hope, peace, forgiveness, worth, connection, and so much more. Godchazerz, led by founder Brinson captures the unique urban voices of five young men sold out for Christ. Using hip-hop, rap, and soul in styles that vary from ballads to rock to rapid pop beats calling out of that society may call misfits, angry or disposable. Watching the film, you learn their story and how they have come to understand that their purpose is to pursue God by reaching the unreachable with their words and music. You witness the Power of God and the belief in what HE can do for you. Carrying Christ on those spirit-inspired words, music, and beats to the lost, lonely, and hurting and changing lives in ways that matter. They are truly Godchazers.”

Godchazerz will deepen faith and open a new dynamic way to spread the Gospel for the believer. For the lost, it will tremble and shake your soul, igniting a thirst that compels you to chase for more of what you may have longed to find.


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